July 14, 2008

I'm back

I'm resuming my blog life again. Lost my drive to write the past years. I like to think I was cursed for abandoning my first course in college. Anyway, let me tell you what happened to me in the last 4 years. I recently graduated, May 29, from Mapua with a degree in IT. Graduated gold medalist and Cum Laude which was a pleasant surprise for me and my family. I was not expecting that because I really had a hard time during my last year and was struggling to get my act together to secure a spot in the graduating batch of May, 2008. I am thankful for the honors I received but considered it just a bonus because my family and I already benefited from the good grades I was getting through the scholarship given by my school. 3 days after graduation, I started attending a bootcamp training at Lawson, Manila. Before finally deciding on Lawson, I submitted my resume to a lot of companies and went to a lot of exams and interviews. I started applying March. I apply to every new job alerts in Jobstreet that is related to software development. I had a job offer at Smart Communications and Oracle but turned it down because, even though I'm a fresh grad, I had to dream bigger for myself. It was risky for me to decline on those offers because I might not get another offer from a reputable company as a software developer but if I was already justifying why I had to accept, the good things I see of the company might fill in the negative ones, I had to remember what happened with my "first life" in college. Included in my checklist is a company that will offer me learning opportunity, good compensation, a real job in software development, a friendly community, relaxed atmosphere, great workspace and facilities and if I don't see these all checked, then, as they say it in Filipino, "'Wag na lang." I don't want to be miserable again with the choices I make. So when Lawson posted a job advertisement inviting fresh graduates to join their bootcamp training I finally put an end to my job hunt and decided that it will be the company for me. I found all the qualities in my checklist at Lawson. When I was invited for an HR interview, I settled the other job offers I had that time, even saying to one company that I was declining on them because I received a better job offer. I was positive that I'd pass their screening process. I guess this is an advice I can give to all the fresh graduates who'll be job hunting, that when you go into that interview room, "pumasok kayo ng buo ang loob na makakapasa".
Now I feel like I'm back in school. Waking up very early in the morning, going home tired but satisfied with my day. I feel blessed because I've finally closed that dark chapter in my life where I felt like I was wasting away my life, being unproductive, doubted my self, crying everyday over not being able to graduate because I can't get my priorities right. But, in my mind, I knew that "matatapos din ito". Those days are of the past now and I look forward to each new day with positive thoughts. I'll try to keep my blog updated from now on. See you around.