December 18, 2010

I'd almost forgotten you Anne

On my way home, I stopped by a store that sell bargain books and these are my take homes:

A favorite from childhood
L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Avonlea (#2 in the series)
L.M. Montgomery's Chronicles of Avonlea
L.M. Montgomery's Anne's House of Dreams (#5 in the series)
L.M. Montgomery's Rilla of Ingleside (#8 in the series)

This one surprised me
Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones' Diary

And of course, something from Nora Roberts, my "comfort" book
one from The MacGregor series

I'd seen one old favorite, Jude Deveraux, but I wasn't ready to rekindle love for historical romance yet.

Nothing like this solid list to pick up my mood.

December 3, 2010

Inspired by last night

We each all have this friend, gay or not, with whom we share a senseless kind of fun.
By senseless, and fun, I mean:
1) You say something not even remotely funny, he laughs
2) Bumanat sya sa sinabi mo, you laugh
3) Gumatong sya uli, the laughter gets crazier, pitch increasing
4) Pinatulan mo na, kahit off-topic na from what you originally said. During this time pumipitik-pitik na katawan nyo, papadyak-padyak na, namimisikal na nga eh kasi may sabunot at sampal pa, so consumed by laughter. You two are laughing so loud, stretching mouths to its full roundness, even the eyes joined in the merriment, you bid social decorum goodbye.
5) Hihirit pa kahit ang hirit ay wala ng sense at sa inyo na lang nakakatawa, you alienate the people around. Just to keep the laughter going
6) Humupa na, but not reaching a full stop, tumatawa pa kayo
7) Minura mo sya, minura ka n'ya
8) And the whole thing becomes a cycle

To you, I wish for us to keep our thing into days beyond. As I always tell you, I love you friend!


Jo: Ged ang romantic ng place, 'di ka ba nai-inlab sa akin?
Ged: Jo puta, mangilabot ka.

Ged: Jo anong susuotin mo sa Christmas party?
Jo: Dress
Ged: Ay! Ako rin.