November 18, 2009

Pick-up line # 1

Alam mo para kang ligaw na kaluluwa
You lost your way...
then found me.


Still rusty, but pwede na 'di ba?!


Kwentong boy and girl # 3

Boy: Bakit ka ba sunod ng sunod?
Girl: Ito ang tinatawag na... follow your heart.



November 17, 2009



Bill out





Before the night ended, I was put on a dare. You know how you guide your index fingers (thumbs are optional) to form a rectangle/square to signal to the waiter that you want to have your bill, well I did that tonight, but not in this old-fashioned way. This is the new way to do it: eyes focused on the waiter, waited for the right moment to catch his eye... I sexily drew a heart in the air with my two hintuturo and mouthed the words, "bill out".

November 13, 2009

November the 13th

When does a date lose its meaning? How do you forget a year ago's celebration of this day? How do you live a year later resigned to the truth that you'll walk today differently?

Aware of passing moments, labeling each minute, counting every blink.

When will you stop?

November 11, 2009

As of yet untitled (inaantok na)

Feeble images, fed in flashes, assaulted the quiet bus ride. A behemoth in the stairs. A nori-green kaiju posed in that corner where the perpendicular stairs met. Of small hands grasping the hellion by its fat scaly tail. Thrusting it forward, as far as her frail arms can reach. Empty of armalite toy or a plastic espada, but she possess the beast and she's undefeatable. A carton box, big, labeled with words: LEMON-UNSO, FRAGILE, YOKOHAMA, JAPAN; the dragon came in it. Chopping boards, knives set, hot plates, body soap, olive oil, pureed garlic, loofah, dog-shaped slippers, power drill, saw, Packard Bell CPU, Nintendo64, and there it is, the leviathan sleeping quietly on its side. "Wow!", the other child, a boy, shouted in glee. A gift from his old man which will later be used against him by his ate. "Don't resist dictatorship or this will consume you." Instantly, he'll shut up. Until one day, their mother gave it to the basurero. Protests did not come, when the truth of his monster but a pitiful plastic reached the boy's comprehension and the girl is already perfecting her next weapon: blackmail.

It lived up to its purpose, I say. I hope that the next person it found taught it new tricks.

The behemoth, kaiju, beast, dragon, leviathan, monster.

"Gojira! Gojira!", a Japanese shouts in the background.

I love that movie.

Granny Goose's Tortillos

I've just seen the most unorthodox commercial on Philippine tv, that of Granny Goose's Tortillos (caught it after seeing papa Tom crying sexily). I'll be posting it here as soon as it's available online. My initial thought: it's like a made-for-tv one-act play. Love it.

November 7, 2009

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?

I hung up the phone tonight
Something happened for the first time
Deep inside it was a rush, what a rush

'Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way
About me, just too much, just too much

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it really just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I've tried and tried to walk away
But I know this crush ain't going away-ay-ay
Going away-ay-ay

Has it ever crossed your mind
When we're hanging, spending time girl?
Are we just friends? Is there more? Is there more?

See it's a chance we've gotta take
'Cause I believe that we can make this into
Something that will last, last forever, forever!

- David Archuleta

November 3, 2009

Test V. Define the following:

bitter is what you call the fictional Karylle. She, with a pair of shears (that finished with her using bare destructive hands), single-handedly tore through her stepsister's wedding gown while it was on a mannequin. LL Righteous says, "She's just caught in the cruel fate of love misplaced". But still I thought, "Buti nga iniwan ka ni Ding Dong". bitter.

crippled is what Neng's been feeling starting last week, as she struggles through and try to restrain self-doubt, insecurities, past failures, mediocrity, old wounds from spilling over. As she has done since she learned Rapunzel and her Prince were having premarital sex up that tower. And they, unsurprisingly, had a child out of wedlock. crippled.

physically available is, beginning today, what I change my status to from being Single <3. Haha. physically available.