August 30, 2009

"Hay, ang hirap mo kalimutan"

WARNING: Heavily random thoughts ahead...

Guy was bossy, short-tempered, impatient; to the girl he was gentle, caring. She shied away from him, did not want the kind of attention he was giving. But fate has decided, it was meant to be. Even in the not so perfect world, they fell in love.
It was unconventional, their love was. The girl couldn't tell others how they are. Could not gush over unexpected sweet moments to friends, cry and run to the closest soul after their quarrels. When she said yes to him, what would have been a happy news was a secret even to her family.

[translated to Filipino]
Sabi ni friend: iiyak mo lahat ngayon. seryoso. wag mo pigilan. basta asap.
Reply nya: bakit 'pag di asap?
Friend: 'pag di asap, 'pag naalala mo yun maiiyak ka ulit. reminisce mo na ngayon at forget kung gusto mo. optional yun forget hahaha...

The end.

Inaakusahan na 'di minahal or nagmahal na tulad nang sa isa.
Ang sagot: nauna lang siya. Nagkaroon ng mas mahabang panahon makapaghanda para sa nalalapit na paghihiwalay. Unforseen goodbye. At kahit sa huling sandali, sinusupil pa rin ang mga luha na dapat sana'y malayang dumadaloy mula sa kanyang mga mata. Nalipasan na ng pagluhang A.S.A.P. Marahil ito ang kanyang karma.

Many will ask, and she will always tell that there was a boy. He was her first... will always be her first.

Don't mind me,

August 23, 2009

I love facebuko...

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August 10, 2009

I feel bad (W. Orld says, "Whatever.")

  • I suspect I have ADHD-I. I am not letting on much but I am struggling with this everyday and is seriously considering to seek professional help.
  • One remedy I thought of to alleviate disorder above is to make myself isolated, untisocial, a caveman. No more laughing. Smiling is allowed. Think misery.
  • I am inarticulate. In some ways. That's why I like writing. Best. Because I get the time I need to formulate the feelings/ideas I want out into words.
  • I rely too much on others to decide for me. I just don't trust ME.
  • I did not finish the tasks I have set for myself today. And I wanted to be productive and efficient.
  • I have 8 unread books in my bedroom.
  • I cannot get myself to start reading them. I am afraid I'm past that phase of filling out hobbies with "reading". What past-time am I left with then?
  • And, like my responsibilities, they are piling up. I need to stop acquiring one every two weeks.
  • I wish I have a retentive memory. Think RAM not ROM.
  • I almost made it through the day without eating "junk food" but I just had to buy a bar of chocolate to snack on on my way home.
  • I wasn't able to go *there* because I slept late last night and when my alarm rang this morning, my body went "5 more minutes please". And as they say, "the rest is his..." XXXXX *eeeeeeeng* wrong! 5 turned into 60.
  • I am getting an average of 4 hours of sleep everyday.
  • I discovered that ex-es cannot stay friends or just simply get in touch. I tried those two. Being the fickle-minded me, I sought excuses why "us" can still work or can go at it another try. But they were just that, excuses. We are both bound to get hurt (I force feelings into me + He gets hopeful + I get more guilty and hurt for him + He'll cry again in the end + I'll cry too).
  • I haven't told him yet (see item above).
  • I don't have anybody to share all these. I have friends but I don't think they'd completely understand or care. Or me get that caring I need.
  • I am alone.
  • I believe I'd die from rheumatic heart disease or depression. Depression's cooler.
  • I think I'm too kind. I want to be a b*tch for a day. Just not care for somebody's feeling. To not be available to the needy. To give one word answer to questions or not answer at all.
  • Even examples above are rather kind. Petty b*tchiness. Maybe give somebody his/her death sentence in love, work or life? Perhaps?
  • I originally intended to write only two.
  • It's 10:18 PM and incrementing and incrementing and incrementing. I told myself earlier I will not do anything but sleep as soon as I get home.
  • And I wanted to idolize Winnie the Pooh. This is a sacrilege to Pooh's philosophy. I wanted to make him proud.