September 18, 2010


So, I ran into the ekis but I don't think he saw me. Good thing he is sporting a new hairstyle now, made his presence no longer familiar. Other than that, and the fact he is labeled as someone else's now, he hadn't changed much.

September 16, 2010

me time

Tonight I drank:
1) Rosemary tea
2) Organic Chinese green tea - I didn't like the experience of drinking this. Normally you'll feel clean when drinking tea, but this brew tasted like 'pinakuluang baboy' (and you're drinking its bath water). Eeeek.
3) Organic Chinese green tea with peppermint and lily - Taste described above was masked by the peppermint. I did not get any of the lily, even a hint.
4) Compressed black tea with bitter orange - Compared to the shelled taste of the organic green, this one was bursting. I immediately thought of chemicals but could not pinpoint exactly what I was tasting. Good thing my tita identified the taste as that of wood varnish.
5) Compressed black tea with bitter orange and peppermint - candied wood varnish

September 7, 2010

Just a tad sad

Funny, that when there was so much going on in your own life, when you were struggling to stay afloat, you just assume the world was on pause, waiting patiently 'til you were ready to resume living. But standing there, you realized the world carried right on turning, people carried on laughing and living and falling in love, even as your own world eroded.