August 26, 2012

To the writers of Necessary Roughness,

Please give Matty D and Dr. D a happy ending. Oh sure make them go through that heart-breaking break up, and let them have someone other than each other, and have them feel those occasional heart flips and blips on arrested moments when there's only the two of them and true heart pains when somebody seemingly there to stay for good comes into the picture. Because that's what make love grand. But please, in the end, let them have their happy ending together forever.

Make me happy,

August 21, 2012

I know I want him

"I know what I want. You let me know if you're in." - Big, hunky Matt (Necessary Roughness)

February 21, 2012

Like a cat

My friend was looking for a provider of a short course on basic I.T. I told her she can check U.P., but if it's not urgent I am generously offering my services.
She replied, "I want the real thing".
So I ranted, "@#$%^&*(! I HAVE 3+ SOLID YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN I.T. & you're telling me you want the real thing?!".
Her retort, "alangan namang ilagay ko sa resume ko certified by the drama queen".
Me? Point taken.

February 12, 2012

Fucking Pressures

Crime is the very thing which when I find myself standing before it I instantaneously face the other way, or in this context, reach for its neighbor propped by the next shelf. But I humbly admit, that this particular crime appealed to me where epic fantasy failed. Big time.
So to the creator, thank you. And with deep regrets that you can no longer finish the 10 you originally set out to do.
Long live Sally!