July 28, 2010

"...to feel something in a world that has effectively outlawed feeling."

- Gary Shteyngart on Nineteen Eighty-Four

July 22, 2010

hindi tumatanggi sa homemade spaghetti

July 21, 2010

Boy-gel encounter 07212010

Lunchtime, sa pantry

Girl: Can I be seated next to you?
Boy: Why?
Girl: You want the long version or the short one?
Boy: Long
Girl: *gave a really really really long explanation*
Boy: Ah
after some time...
Boy: Eh ano naman yun short version?
Girl: Dahil gusto kita.

July 20, 2010


Alex: Jo bakit ang laki ng bag mo?
Kate: Nagbebenta ng supporter yan.
Jo: Oo. I have transparent, hot pink... take your pick.
Jo: Hindi! Laman nyan fresh set of clothing. Kina Jeff kasi ako uuwi.
Alex: Eh sa amin kelan ka uuwi?
Jo: *toink*

June 19 - 20, 2010
Going away dinner with Lace and birthday celebration
Mr. Choi Kitchen, Robinson's Pioneer

July 17, 2010

When life gives you - - - - - - - instead

You need to be obscenely close to the author to view this post.

July 16, 2010

Trip to Alaska

Yaya: ... for every 100 pound 2500 calories ang na-bu-burn 'pag sa Alaska ka nakatira

Yaya: Kaya siguro walang matabang eskimo

Jo: (gave Yaya her best doubtful look)

Yaya: Nakakita ka na ba ng eskimo na mataba?

Jo: Oo

Jo: Si Santa Claus

July 15, 2010

Haiku reminds me of a bamboo

On a fine Thursday morning, a cat threw me back into this crazy cycle from which I see no out. It was either you or the cat.

A love affair

naniniwala ka ba sa lab at pers sayt?

o gusto mo daan uli ako...

At first sight, do I look like a warm person? Or maybe it was the hot coffee I was drinking that made me warm. Anyhow, Katrina seems to think I'm categorized under that personality wavelength. She's always around when I'm having breakfast at their house, and by around I don't mean a good feet away. Baby girl, her alias, would circle my red-clad legs as she intentionally, that's what I believe, wants me to feel her soft, thick, bushy, ash-brown hair. When it gets boring, she'd then prop her forefeet, claws ready, upon my left leg. 

Sometimes I'd place this leg on top of the other, cross-legged, and tip-toe, putting a considerable height from the floor. But this morning she surprised me when I did this. Katrina stood, carrying the weight of her fore body for a minute, though she was not able to make me feel the pinprick from her nails, and she gave me a look that would rival Puss'. On some days, she'd do all this because she wants me to know 'you eatin', I ain't'. Today, she just had her Friskies with tap water. 

Maybe it's the Christmas-toned ensemble I often wear to breakfast? Is it the view of the bottom of a plate and dark blue mug when I bring it closer to my mouth, or the cake on top of it and smell of coffee? The seat I always take around the table? Or maybe she just wants some lovin' and I'm not [in capacity of] giving.

July 3, 2010

Round the corner

"One more step..."

"Another one *puff puff puff*"

"A few more... hindi ba't ang lahat naman ng paghihirap ay natatapos rin..."

"Ouch! What was that? Shit, yun itlog ko basag na ata..."

"'di ba nag-g-gym ka?"

"Tangina anong ginagawa ni Jollibee sa labas ng kanyang tindahan, at bouncing happily pa"

"Not today please. A different day and I would even take a picture with you. Jollibee alis sa dadaanan ko!"

"Leche sinayawan pa ako. Ibato ko kaya sa iyo itong guyabano dito."

"Can't you see my arms being stretched to its full length and strength by these 6 plastic bags?! Get outta my way! Even with that thick, soft, huggable costume of yours these could kill you, y'know?

"Finally, retreat..."