May 11, 2011

sucker punched

for one irrational moment,
you have these thoughts most people don't admit to having
that you love this place
where it's gloomy
where you restrict yourself
to feel only this certain level of sadness
because outside it
the slightest shift
will pull you deeper
and this, it becomes little cycles
inside a lifetime
going downward
until sadness

May 10, 2011

I am still under the impression that tumblr is for the lazy

So I'm keeping this blog, plus the tumblr.

The movie's screenplay is the biggest insult to the novel's author

I mean it this way: 1 chapter into the book and I already put it into a fanfiction work. Is this how people get published these days? Really? It was a black (ink) on white (paper) telling, but where was the story?

So as I was pondering the literary crime the author committed, I saw the movie. It completely deviated from its book, that by the end the only common thing they have is their title: Beastly.

Justice served.

Just in case I have not been clear: If not for my abnormal want for closure, I would have closed the book after the first page. If not for @ActuallyNPH, I wouldn’t have finished the movie.

May 6, 2011

A fake

I do not appreciate individuals giving up their seat to me,
nor individuals offering to carry heavy things for me,
specifically individuals who are relentless in having you submit to their "genuine" care.
Then society expects me to accept graciously, smile and say thank you.
I will ask for comfort when I need it.

But as it is:

Let me stand in peace.

Let me carry the weight, which is mine.

Let's not don on some mask other than uninterested.

Or, as my twitter friend says, "I'll give you half of the peace sign."

May 5, 2011

The pig is my little brother

Brother pig, he stupidly concluded I got laid off from work because: 1) I went home carrying this huge bag and unpacked the contents of it in front of him 2) I was saying to Mama earlier that I am thinking of going on SL tomorrow. So there he was, teasing me like a kid (only his age says otherwise), saying things like,

  • "ate 'di nga natanggal ka?",

  • "ate kawawa ka naman" (sabay tawa)

  • "ate patingin nga ako cheque mo"

  • "ate naiiyak ka?"

  • "ate nalulungkot ka?"
I played along, because he was really funny while doing all those things. But my undoing was when he said, "ate para sa iyo ito", then I saw him turning on the speaker and the following played "Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon, maibabalik ba ang kahapon..." Dun na ako humagalpak ng tawa. Stupid, really.

May 3, 2011

Tanong: Bakit takot tumawid ng kalsada ang mga hipon?

Sagot: Kasi accident prawn sila.