February 28, 2010

Picking up pick up lines

Mia: Nandun yun Petronas towers. Alam mo yun 'di ba?
Allan: No
Mia: Ano ka ba? Yun yun towers na magkatabi
Allan: Ah! Yung parang may bridge sa gitna
Mia: Alam mo 'pag tinitingnan ko yung Petronas, na-i-imagine ko para silang magka-holding hands. Minsan nga na-imagine ko nag-uusap yung dalawa eh
Allan: Anong sinasabi nila sa isa't-isa?
Mia: ... Masaya ako kapag kasama kita
Allan: ... Ako rin

'Di ko nagustuhan.
Kasi nag-expect ako na kasing-ganda o higit pa sa One More Chance.
Para sa akin, kulang kasi yun mga eksenang silang dalawa lang ang magkasama, magkatapat, magkatabi, nakatingin ng diretso sa mata ng isa't isa, o kahit nakayuko man ang isa at ang isa nama'y nakatanaw sa malayo. Tapos magbabatuhan ng quotable quotes. Yung mababaon ba sa paglabas ng sinehan, ma-i-po-post sa facebook wall kasabay ng pag-tag sa kasing adik mong friends, ma-i-te-text exceeding 1 SMS (do you want to continue?), mapaglalaruang mga linya 'pag may gathering with said fanatic friends.
But it did remind me, kung anong kaibahan ni papa John Lloyd sa mga leading men dito sa Pinas.
S'ya lang ang nakakapagpaiyak sa akin habang nanonood ng isang romantic movie.
Especially in that scene (not exactly that, around 5 seconds after that frame).
When he finally found Bea after 2 years, and he was looking at her, with his heart in his eyes. At yun camera, focused lang sa mukha ni papa John Lloyd, for heart-skipping 15 seconds! (an approximation :P, but it felt forever to me). Sa isip ko kanina, "Tapunan mo rin ako ng ganyang tingin papa JL, please." Ano na lang kaya ang makikitang emosyon sa mukha ng isang John Lloyd kung tunay na mahal ang kanyang ka-eksena. Isa pa, "Tapunan mo rin ako ng ganyang tingin papa JL, please"
(baka kasi 'pag inulit ulit ko, magkatotoo).

Post shout-out (a.k.a. senseless late reaction): Am I asking for too much?

February 27, 2010

In this, somewhere: Top 10 Animal Attacks on Humans
is this phrase: killed and partially eaten by coastal grizzlies (a type of bear)
I say: sayang ang tira-tira

February 24, 2010


I wish I can't grow roots
At any moment, I can just sling the strap and take a hike

Ang hirap pagdesisyunan nito, paksh*t.

February 22, 2010

Put out

Been running from this feeling for so long
Telling my heart I didn't need it
Pretending I was better off alone
But I know that it's just a lie
So afraid to take a chance again
So afraid of what I feel inside

But I need to be next to you
Oh I, oh I
I need to share every breath of you
Oh I, oh I
I need to know I can see you smile each morning
Look into your eyes each night for the rest of my life
Here with you, near with you, oh I
I need to be next to you
Need to be next to you

Right here with you is right where I belong
I lose my mind if I can't see you
Without you there's nothing in this life
That would make life worth living for
I can't make it if you're not there
I can't fight what I feel any more

Cause I need to be next to you
Oh I, oh I
I need to share every breath of you
Oh I, oh I
I need to know I can see you smile this morning
Look into your eyes each night for the rest of my life
Here with you, near with you, oh I
I need to be next to you
I need to have your arms next to mine for all the time
Holding for all my life
I need to be next to you
I need to be next to you
Oh I, oh I
Need to be, need to be next to you
Share every breath of you
I need to feel you in my arms, baby, in my arms baby
I need to be next to you

February 21, 2010

People don't belong to people.
- Holly Golightly

You know what's wrong with you, Miss Whoever-you-are? You're chicken, you've got no guts. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say, "Okay, life's a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybody's got for real happiness."
- Paul Varjak

You will have 2 flings... no, 3...

Present: Carlo (the reason for the gathering, welcome home!), me, Manel, Julio, Allen, Eugene, Neal, Fhrea, Jamiyah

Tambay at Jam's place from 6-1 (thank you for the food Jam!), then decided to move the party elsewhere. We drove around looking for a not 'CLOSED' Starbucks, which was futile. We ended up going down South Super Highway and after contending as 'pambato ng IT batch 2004 ng Mapua sa kagandahan at kaseksihan', much to Jobelle's and Allen's defiance (special thanks to Nel for always being there, supporting me in all my endeavors and kalokohans), parked/installed/settled ourselves at Petron's McDonald's.

The highlight of the night: one of us, Eugene, has kept his secret skill in palm reading and just suddenly took to giving out future insights into our love lives. My palm had the chance to be the first and here's what he saw from the lines:

You will have two serious relationships and 2-3 flings in between.
Unfortunately, you will not get the one you desire the most.
But, you'll get rich.

My interpretation: I already had the first serious relationship, scratch that. I am now waiting out for the 'one' and while doing that I will have 3 flings... at most! Plus I'll get rich. Wazzup! Pero 'di ko raw makukuha yun pinakagusto kong tao. Still, yayaman ako!

Sa kasamaang palad (no pun intended) 'di lahat sa amin ay pinalad (again) sa kinabukasang kanyang haharapin. I won't name this person. Let the video tell you...

February 14, 2010

My days leading up to V-day

February 12; Friday
The first two images depict the first alarm I got of what's coming up ahead. The rest are pictures of the gang and the knick-knacks some of us received for an early V-day gift (mine's the red heart donut with a long, deep gash in it; a damaged heart).
Photobucket Photobucket




February 13; Saturday, Morning
I was at the mall, walking, when my eyes chanced upon this stall selling all things chocolate. Ooooooh that's one tasty-looking chocolate cow. Oh and what is that? A black chocolate bear sitting atop. Mmmmm! Cakes! Cookies! My eyes scanned forward, as it normally would, my feet following --- a cluster of balloons, flowing ribbons, teddy bears?! Then my eyes did a quick backtrack. Animal chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies with white heart chips on top, a cluster of heart-shaped metallic balloons in red, red and pink spiral ribbons, white teddies, brown teddies, pink teddies, each holding its own heart with L-O-V-E spelled in it.
I literally took a baby-step backward as my face cringed, flinched and winced all at the same time and grunted a heavy "woah".
Tomorrow's Valentine's.
(I did not slip in any exaggeration to this story. These are all true accounts of what I've witnessed during that walk in the mall.)

February 13; Saturday, Evening
I watched the first half of Pretty Woman then started on Anne Rice's Angel Time which, in my opinion is a great combination of things to do for pre-Valentine's (Pretty Woman, just the best love flick ever produced, plus Anne Rice, the perfect way to kill any romantic notion).
Trivia: In the ending credits of the movie Valentines' Day, Julia Roberts made a reference to Rodeo Drive and how she once shopped there. Of course she was talking about her traipse down this avenue in the movie Pretty Woman where she was shunned from one store because the sales ladies thought that nothing in the store would fit her because they all are very expensive. Actors Hector Elizondo, who played the hotel manager, and Larry Miller, store assistant, are also in Valentine's Day. And did I mention both has the same director?

February 14; Sunday, Ridiculously early morning
I was woken early by brother pig asking me for flower money, pierced him with half-evil, half-drowsy eyes then handed it to him begrudgingly but because I can no longer get back to sleep, I followed him downstairs. I glanced at the clock then to my brother (I did this thrice! I swear!). 6 o'clock, and he has already bathed, put on jeans, on his white Adidas rubber shoes and wearing a checkered red long-sleeved polo shirt. Checkered. red. long. -sleeved. polo. shirt. at 6 o'clock. on a Sunday. February the 14th!
My surprise was not apparent to brother pig that when he saw me, he just enlisted my help to tzuj both sleeves (again, I did it full of loathe). Then he proceeded to ask me whether to use gel or wax on his hair (I voted for wax). Since he has already appointed me to the task of helping him with his bodily Valentine's preparation, I handed him a cotton soaked with my facial toner, my day cream moisturizer and my petroleum jelly for the lips which he applied eagerly. The finished product: brother pig looked dashing, I was so proud.
Anyhow, mama and I will dine out later and I extended the invitation to brother pig and his girlfriend.

Post shout-out a.k.a. senseless late reaction:
Here I am blogging at this forsaken hour of my days leading up to this forsaken day. 'Di naman ako magrereklamo kung walang irereklamo! Sinimulan ito nun smiley roses! Tapos on the very day, makikita ko na lang ang kapatid ko prepped-up at alas-sais pa lang ng umaga! *WTH* Sino nanliligaw at that crazy time.

February 12, 2010

Boy: Kung meron ka gusto maka-date, saan mo s'ya gusto dalahin?
Girl: Ikaw muna sumagot sa tanong mo.
Boy: Ayoko.
Girl: Hmmm.... sa UK, para manood ng British pantomime.
Boy: Nice.
Girl: Tara?

Version 2
Boy: Kung meron ako i-de-date, saan ko s'ya dadalahin?
Girl: Hmmm.... sa UK, para manood ng British pantomime.
Boy: Tara?

Post shout-out (a.k.a. senseless late reaction): Kelangan ko na siguro mag-retire from cheeziness + boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy and shift to lines inspired by violence.

February 3, 2010


You tiptoe around feelings when you care.

February 2, 2010

Girl: Buti pa sa panaginip mo magkasama kami ni Gu Jun Pyo
Boy: Baka naman kasi sa panaginip mo iba ang kasama mo?
Girl: Oo,
Girl: ... ikaw